Liseth - Guitar/singing/songwriting teacher from Holland:
“invitation, and getting into the chat, works well - functions look like other platforms, so everything is rather easy to find”
Brendan Cleary (Guitar, voice and Songwriting teacher)
“I have found that playing in time with your student is much more in sync on Musictchr than it is on other platforms”
Piergiorgia Ciarla - Drum teacher
“The layout is amazing, it’s so good!”
Matteo Busti (Guitar teacher) -
“I just signed up and completed the profile the website looks really cool and professional!”
Ben Cavanagh (Songwriting teacher)
“The quality of the audio is really clear, more so than zoom and teams”
“Not a lot to cope with - it’s all pretty self-explanatory”
Lisa Sanchez (Singing teacher)
“Love the design of the platform”


Amelia‘s Mum and Dad (Guitar student) 
“it was very simple to set up” 
Emily Horrix (Songwriting Student - 18)
“It’s really fun and easy to use and very easy to get to your lesson”
Gabriela (14 year old guitar student)
“It’s so easy to use and set up”
Josh Goddard (Guitar student  - 28_
“It’s a very accessible platform. I Love the share a youtube clip function and it’s cool how you can change the definition quality of the camera in the settings"