If you would like to register as a teacher, here's what to do.

Sign up as a teacher 
Create your password and fill in your profile. We will need the following information from you:

‘About me’ which can be your mini biography, What you teach and your experience, a CV highlighting detail into your qualifications as well as teaching qualifications if you have any and finally whether you are DBS certified or not. Finally upload a profile picture. You become visible to the community once you do this.

Decide how much you charge for your lessons and how many lessons you sell for example: 1 lesson for £40 or 10 lessons for £300 
We take a 12.5% commission as well as take the payments and pay you
When a Student books a lesson with you, you will be notified on the platform, where you can use our chat function to schedule your class.

Once the class is scheduled you can go to the camera icon and ‘send an invite’ to your student where you can input the type of lesson and the time at which it will take place.
You will see the lesson appear in your MUSIC TCHR calendar.
When it comes to the time of your lesson, you go to the video icon and click ‘Chat now’ which will take you to our MUSIC TCHR video conference where your student will meet you!
As teachers you are encouraged to post videos on our MUSIC TCHR timeline to promote your teaching services.